Slowly starting to cure my insomnia and a getting better night’s sleep

  • 6th April, 2022 at 12:43 pm #179

    Hello everyone,

    I used to suffer from bad insomnia too after a close family bereavement and stress from work.

    I found that taking Melatonin at night definitely helped a bit.

    Being in a room that is too quiet – with complete silence made things worse for me. It was for this reason that I started playing long background noise such as white noise or water/rain/fire sounds to help relax and distract my brain.

    After I told my younger brother about it – being the computer whiz kid he is – he started creating 10 hour long videos with the sounds in them for me to listen to. He has also created an advert free YouTube channel featuring his videos.

    I am now getting about 5-6 hours each night which although not fantastic – is a great improvement compared to the 2 hours I was lucky to get before hand.

    All the best,


    19th June, 2022 at 10:24 pm #198

    This is definitely helpful! I find that melatonin doesn’t even work for me anymore and when it does, I feel groggy in the morning..

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